History of LS North Sydney

North Sydney is home to our locksmithing business, which is on the cutting-edge of technology when it comes to locksmithing in the area. It is important to us to stick to the principles that we founded our business upon some 20 years ago. These principles include honesty and integrity at the very top of our priority list. We like to be transparent with our customers and offer them solutions to their problems quickly and effectively. This effectiveness and efficiency is met by compassion and empathy, which cements a strong relationship with our customers that we can only hope, will last years to come.

Surprisingly enough to our customers, this business was originally a college project between multiple engineers and enthusiasts who all shared a passing interest in locks and keys. A few friends founded this business as a test project some two decades ago, and it became what it is today once they learned it could be a viable full-time profession after they completed their locksmithing certifications. To this day, our business remains steeped in its origins. Today, we are an award-winning local business with an expert-level aptitude that can be matched my only a few such companies in the country.

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