Local Resident - Cara B.

“My day was interrupted by being locked out of my car in a parking lot because I happen to leave my keys inside the front seat while I was going around back to load the groceries into the trunk. I was a little scatterbrained I’ll admit, but I didn’t need that on the specific day when I was already stressed out enough; the reason I probably made a mistake in the first place was because I was stressed out! Fortunately, the day got a lot better when I contacted this locksmithing company to come out and help me with my problem. They were very friendly and they understood the situation totally and showed that they cared. It was a better experience than I’ve had with many companies over the years, and I can see why they have such good reviews now. If only all companies were like them, then the world would be a much better place.”

Experian Data Quality - Jason F.

“We run a number of data centers out of the area, and these locations contain secure customer information which is highly sensitive in nature. As a result, physical security is as much of a priority as digital security. When you are playing with terabytes and terabytes of data, you have to make certain that your data centers are secure. Recently, we decided to upgrade the physical security aspect of our building by installing tamperproof locks to prevent would-be burglars and prowlers from entering the building. We decided to look into reviews for local locksmithing professionals to figure out whether or not we should choose a local company or seek out more expensive solutions from larger companies abroad and in other parts of Australia. Fortunately, we didn’t have to consider this once we found these locksmiths, who were more than happy to help and completely understood our situation. They installed some strong security features in the building that I am not at liberty to discuss. Nevertheless, they work and that is what matters.”

Local Resident - Thomas C.

“We recently moved our corporate operations into a new building location, but the security fixtures in the building weren’t really up to par with our standards. Because of this, we thought we would hire local experts in locksmithing to handle it. This company had the best reviews on Google, and their websites looked impressive, so we figured we would give them a shot. They not only met our standards, but exceeded them greatly. We originally had planned to purchase a certain brand of security lock from a company, but the locksmiths advised against the brand, saying it had known defects in longevity, and suggested a brand that was both cheaper and more reliable in their experience. This is the kind of expert knowledge you expect when you’re working with career contractors who have been in the same trade for years and years. Sadly, a lot of businesses talk big but never deliver. In this case, you finally get some actual experts who know their field.”

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